Monday, August 27, 2012

Beginning Your Teaching Career? Wondering “Professional……What”?

By Paige Rathbun
Teacher Representative

Many educators ask themselves, what exactly is professional learning? Am I really benefiting from the professional development that I am attending or is it another sit and get? This is where Learning Forward Kansas steps in. The purpose of Learning Forward is to help staff incorporate quality staff development practices into their district. As a new or future educator, we are asking that you openly discuss what kinds of professional development you have been involved in that have been effective as well as what you would feel would be beneficial for you. Learning Forward would like to know what we can do to help support you and your professional learning practices and help further your knowledge in the education field. This is the place to post your ideas and questions. We are here to help you and are interested in your ideas. We’re looking forward to your responses and input.


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  2. Although people do put posts on Edmodo, I think it is a little more of a forum or discussion over dilemmas that educators have or calls for suggestions.

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